bioscan SWA

Achieve better therapy results through intelligent diagnostics

In less than 2 minutes over 250 parameters with useful advice on dysbalances in the body
bioscan SWA - praxis für integrale Prävention

...I have more opportunities to develop my treatment strategies, because Bioscan SWA recognizes the "red thread" and wins many valuable building blocks that complete the picture.

Birgit Francke, naturopath & pharmacist, Büdingen, Germany

...bioscan SWA helps me to make the right decisions on how I can proceed with my therapy continue to achieve better results.

naturopath from Dieburg, Germany

...bioscan-SWA allows primary early diagnosis.
This means that physical disharmony already in its initial phase preventively therapeutically treatable before incurring any disease.

MR Dipl.-Med. Christian Albrecht, Dresden, Germany

bioscan SWA - Cause-oriented diagnostics at your fingertip

Diagnosis is complicated and expensive. Increasingly, more and more meaningful investigations from the catalog of the health insurance shall be deleted. Therefore, smart and sustainable diagnostic facilities within the patients' interest are overdue.

With Bioscan SWA you have first the possibility to query all the necessary parameters in less than two minutes in order to offer a CAUSE-ORIENTED therapy! A smart way, which simplifies the selection of the therapy and increases the confidence of the patient.

Your benefits with bioscan SWA at a glance

  • More ways to develop the right treatment strategies
  • Better recognition of Causes
  • Laboratory comparable results in stock
  • Processed values graphically detailed
  • Optimal follow-up
  • No blood
  • Painless and non-invasive, very good for children or anxious patients
  • Cost savings for the patient
  • Fast and direct instructions on how to proceed with the further therapy
  • Method is mobile applicable
  • Very easy to use

How bioscan SWA works?

Although users of bioscan SWA feel reminiscent of the classic laboratory diagnostics, this blood Scan has a very different background: The bioscan SWA analyzes the electromagnetic wave signals (1) that will be produced by the human body. The frequency and energy of the magnetic fields of the human body can be determined via a sensor. About a resonance comparison deviations can be determined from the standard values.

The operation of the bioscan SWA is very similar to cell communication in the human body. So it is possible to obtain information about defects, excesses, stress and imbalances in our system. Bioscan SWA includes high-tech research projects of medicine, life computer science, electrical engineering and other sciences.


Science and medicine acknowledge the existence of information fields whose medical and other important and bioscan-swa evaluations due to the lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine. (1) The basis here scalar waves are directed waves propagating in the direction of a field pointer (longitudinal waves). Although they occur such as well as gravitational waves or sound waves, they have paramount importance especially as electric and magnetic field phenomena. Source: Institute Dr. Rilling INC, Florida.

An example of a report of the findings bioscan SWA

bioscan SWA - Befundbericht Spurenelemente

Application areas of bioscan SWA – Skalar-wave-analysis as blood diagnostics system

  • Trace elements
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Coenzyme
  • Endocrine system
  • Bone density and growth
  • Immune system
  • Allergies
  • Blood sugar
  • Homotoxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Functions of the pancreas
  • Thyroid function
  • Functions of the kidney
  • Functions of the lungs
  • Functions of cranial nerves
  • Functions of the gallbladder
  • Functions of the liver
  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • Chest
  • Prostate
  • Gynecological parameters
  • Eyes
  • Skin

With BioScan SWA you increase the effectiveness of your treatments and patient satisfaction

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bioscan SWA Experience: Birgit Francke, naturopath & pharmacist, Büdingen, Germany

stock-1-testiMy changes, since I work with Bioscan, are very diverse:

  • I have patients who sign up just because bioscan SWA or want regular bioscan SWA checks.
  • I have more opportunities to develop my treatment strategies, because Bioscan SWA recognizes the "red thread" and wins many valuable building blocks that complete the picture.
  • In some cases, I could find the cause only with the bioscan SWA, so the therapy could significantly run faster and more targeted.
  • Patients are going to staunch further diagnostics to clarify when they have seen the notes in bioscan SWA and get well explained.
  • I find the system convincingly easy to handle and would buy it again at any time.

Christiane Ehrmann, practice for craniosacral bodywork, Dieburg, Germany.

Neue Bitmap"Meanwhile, the bioscan-swa is one of my standard tests"

"It is much easier
to develop a strategy with the patient based on the bioscan-swa, what he can do in the near future in order to improve his health. He can understand the necessary steps in black and yellow or red and is spurred on to improve, not only his health but also his scan result. This is a great motivation and facilitates the achievement of shared objectives immensely.

Meanwhile the bioscan-swa is one of my standard tests and I don't want to miss this innovative device any more!


Science and medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields whose medical and other importance and BIOSCAN SWA with their application due to the lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine. Furthermore, we explicitly point out that the use of all products of VIVO BASE family (HOME, CAR; MOBILE; CORPORATE) no promise of healing are submitted. The medical, kinesiology and radiesthetic measurement methods, which we will apply not recognized by science and medicine. The effectiveness can therefore not be fully comprehended by anyone. Liability claims are excluded.
Dietmar Gustke - Praxis für integrale Prävention - bioscan SWA

„It’s Not the Years in Your Life That Count. It's the Life in Your Years.“


Since 1976 I work in the service of the people and their health. After initially classical career in medicine I got to know and appreciate the importance of holistic options through own experience in 1979.

At the same time it has become clear to me that the repairs medicine has limits and it certainly makes sense to people's health with solely oriented on natural ways to promote preventive - long before repairing medicine comes into play.

Continuous professional development in the fields of nutrition, detoxification and alleviation of disease and therapy-supportive help the medical professions, I was able to get to know the innovative diagnostic tool bioscan SWA.

The complexity of the diagnosis using bioscan SWA is to find a milestone and a very goal-oriented aids to possible causes an imbalance to (again) to reach a cause-oriented therapy a stable base for the health.

More and more people are aware that prevention is more important. The diagnosis means bioscan SWA is essential not only at the beginning or accompany therapy, but especially in prevention. The device detects much, much earlier possible shortcomings, excesses, stress and imbalances in our system. Patient and therapist can specifically counteract, even before it comes to serious diseases!

I look mainly customers from the naturopathic field. Among them are medical practitioners / inside and doctors / inside with naturopathic priorities.

Together with my team, we offer regular training for doctors, medical practitioners, among others Health experts on bioscan SWA.

Of course, I stand with my team also qualified dealers always at your disposal. So do not hesitate to contact me.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? I am at your personal disposal. Give me a call or send me a message. I'll contact you promptly.
Praxis für integrale Prävention
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Your data will be treated confidentially and will never be disclosed to third parties.

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